Does AppUp accept apps on Window 8 Consumer Preview??

Does AppUp accept apps on Window 8 Consumer Preview??

Hello Team, I have few applications developed on HTML 5. I believe, by using AppUp Encapsulator, I can wrap them in to an .msi file, that couls be submitted, validated and published in AppUp. Does it accept apps on Windows 8 Condumer Preview?? Does AppUp support Windows 8 applications??? Many Thanks!!!
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Para obter mais informações sobre otimizações de compiladores, consulte Aviso sobre otimizações.

There are Desktop Mode and Metro Mode in Windows 8 (X86 and X64 type machine). The App which is encapsulated by AppUp Encapsulator can run in desktop mode.
If you wanted your App can be submitted to Microsoft Windows Store, you should develop it by Visual Studio 2012 (the template is Windows Store App HTML).

How can I submit windows 8 metro style app to appup center? Is it possible?

Many thanks Bill.... I did a little of review and understood...

Currently, the Intel AppUp Center does not support Modern Interface Windows 8 applications.

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