Compiling OpenMP Fortran programs

Compiling OpenMP Fortran programs

Suppose I have a FORTRAN file that doesn't have any OpenMP directives, but as a routine that will be called from within OpenMP parallel region.

If is there any difference in compiling the following file with one of these options:




If there is a difference, is there any downside to using these in combination (it simplifies some Makefiles).

Thank you


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I can think of no downside or difference for the code generated for the routine. Be mindful that should the -openmp option reach (be passed through to) the link phase that the OpenMP libraries may be linked in. I assume that your "doesn't have any OpenMP directives" also includes "doesn't call OpenMP library functions" as well.

Jim Dempsey

In addition to what Jim said, declaring the procedure RECURSIVE will make it callable in a parallel region, without depending on those options.

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