Visual studio shell - snippets/macro

Visual studio shell - snippets/macro


First of all, I am not sure if this is the correct forum, however since intel visual fortran ships with the visual studio shell here it goes.

I have upgraded to visual studio 2010 (shell) and now I cannot find support for macros (used to be under tools -> macro). I used this, among other things, to make standard headings for subroutines etc. ensuring a form of consistency throughout my code. Can anybody tell me where to find macro support in visual studio 2010 shell?

In order to circumvent the above I turned to snippets instead. I think this facility is quite nice, howver I cannot find any information about how to ensure correct formatting e.g. leading spaces. We usually indent our code with four leading spaces (for readability), however I cannot get the snippet to insert leading spaces in front of e.g. implicit none.

Can anybody help?


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Visual studio 2010 (shell) does not conatin macro support.

I am still struggling to get leading space to work when using snippets.

Here is what I have tried so far:
<line xml:space="preserve"> some text

however none of the above seems to work. Since using &#69; does insert the letter E I suspect that the problem with leading spaces is related to the parser?


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