"Infinite" Space Queries in Havok

"Infinite" Space Queries in Havok

Hi, I am wondering if there is any way to query areas of space in havok that go infinitely far in a direction. I am looking at something like this:


and I'm wondering if theres anyway to do something similar in havok. I suppose I could just make 2 cylinder shapes but honestly it would be much easier to just say, for example, that anything within a certain radius of 2 dimensions, regardless of the depth value, is caught in a query.

EDIT: also if its possible to implement from the content tools or not.

EDIT2: I posted this a little too hastily and I should have spent longer looking at the docs. Not sure how to delete this thread D:

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Hello fiction,

It looks like you have find the solution to your problem. It would be greatly appreciated if you could describe the solution as a post in this Forum for others to see if they also get to wonder how to solve this problem.



David G. Developer Support Engineer Havok www.havok.com

Oop. Sorry. Thanks for the reminder. What I was looking for is demonstrated in the ShapeQueryDemo. I am using hkpWorld::linearCast to cast below into the background and a second linearCast to cast into the foreground. I'm not sure if there is a better solution but this allows me to get a large chunk of space without regard to the position of a body on a specific axis. Is there a better solution?

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Hi Fiction,
It sounds like you are using linear casting to query the distance in front of and behind an object when viewed from a particular direction. Linear casting is indeed the approach I would recommend for that task.


Josh S. Havok Developer Support Engineer www.havok.com

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