Some questions about Intel IPP LZOP algorithm

Some questions about Intel IPP LZOP algorithm

I used Intel IPP main package: parallel_studio_xe_2011_sp1_update3_intel64.  And I have some questions about LZOP with intel ipp.

1. What is the main difference between LZO and IPP LZOP?
2. LZO has different compression levels(1 - 9),such as  lzo1x_1_compress for level 1 and lzo1x_999_compress for level 9.

    Does intel provide IPP library for all levels? I only found the API ippsEncodeLZO_8u, bud I don't konw what's compression level about ippsEncodeLZO_8u.



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Hopefully it were already clarify in the following post? Let us know if you have more questions..


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