Cannot disable C-States through BIOS configuration

Cannot disable C-States through BIOS configuration

I need to disable c-states with p-states enabled on a server. (Xeon E5603). I can find the checkbox in BIOS to disable/enable c-states. However, even if I choose to disable it, the system (CentOS 6.2) still runs under different power stage which means c-states is actually still working.

Another thing I tried is I removed cpuidle driver from kernel and re-built OS. Now c-states is disabled. However, I cannot control p-states anymore (cannot modprobe acpi_cpufreq).

Can anyone help me on this so that I can have both disabled c-states and enabled p-states at the same time? Thanks.



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This isn't a useful forum for questions about Westmere setup.

I don't know if it will help you but you
can always read pdf file very complete on this subject served in this link

h t t p : / / w w w . a c p i . i n f o / s p e c . h t m
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for solving an problem with this site , that is working yet alpha or beta stage
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