Creation of explosions using hkpWind

Creation of explosions using hkpWind

Hello,I just have a quick question on the Explosion under Physics->api->dynamics->Actions->wind Action->Explosion. I wish to make the explosions happen way more and wish to make them have a circular shockwave rather than a linear one. How can I proceed with this? Thank you very much for considering this.

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Hi Abhinav,
I'm not sure what you mean by circular versus linear shockwave. In the explosion demo, the explosion is represented as yellow boxes, but the actual shockwave is spherical. Forces are applied for objects in the shockwave based on the distance and direction of the object from the explosion center. The shockwave front is specified as a distance from the explosion center that grows at a rate of m_info.m_propagationSpeed. The effect of this is a spherical shockwave. Please look at Explosion::getWindVector to see precisely how this works. The yellow shockwave boxes that appear are meant to represent the width of the shockwave (inner and outer radii), and the relative strength that frame.

The overall strength of an explosion is determined by the m_peakWindStrength in the ExplosionInfo. Try increasing this and see if you can get the results you want.

Josh S. Havok Developer Support Engineer

Oh I see. I was only looking at the demo (visually not the code) when I posted this question, sorry.

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