Tranining program for MIC

Tranining program for MIC


I'm wondering whether Interl has a program (or planning to start one) similar to NVIDIA's CUDA Teaching Center Program?

Or planning to share any MIC development kits with universities.


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we have over 26 hours of videotaped content under under the 'Training' tab. Soon we will also post information about external providers who are offering face to face training tailored for whatever needs you have.
We are open to add more training content depending on the feedback we hear. We were thinking about having some tutorials. We also have some self-paced labs with code samples that we plan to post soon.
If you have other ideas on what might be helpful, we will certainly appreciate the feedback!

Thanks a lot.
I'm wondering whether Intel also work with universities to introduce parallel programming into curriculum (by sharing learning material & development kits), similar to some of the other vendors.

Yes, Intel is working with several universities to augment parallel programming training curriculums. I don't know if we can yet provide a list of what and where. Soon we will be posting some code examples to illustrate some programming practices, so keep checking the 'training' section of for updates.

There is also a very good book worth recommending here, 'Structured Parallel Programming: Patterns for Efficient Computation' by Michael McCool, James Reinders, Arch Robison ISBN-10: 0124159931 ISBN-13: 978-0124159938

My university is interested in initiating such a program & augmenting MIC parallel programming into curriculum. We are already an accredited CUDA training center & interested in expanding our teaching into other platforms as well. Please keep us posted if such an opportunity is available.

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