Which Language is Preferred for Mobile Software Development ?

Which Language is Preferred for Mobile Software Development ?

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I would like to know which is the most popular language for writing Mobile Software Applications ?

I want to create app for users.

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C++ c C# php, HTML 5 etc

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What about the Java?

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The Cross-Platform is, also, a good way: you develop your application using the Javascript language and deploy it on the other different platforms (Android, BlackBerry, etc...), there are many frameworks to do it (Titanium, PhoneGab.....) !

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Android is the world's most popular mobile platform until now :)

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Android phones are the most popular, so u need Java Language but if u are an HTML 5 developper you can deploy and publish you work on different platforms like blackberry, windows phone,ios...

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You can learn C/C++ Programming languages, so your logic is clear. Then after that you can read Java Programming language. There are lots of android application development using Java code.

As a mobile application developer, you need to think about all mobile application languages, so you can easily create any apps. Androids need Java language, iPhone need C/C++ language concepts.

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Most popular programming languages of 2014:



I personally prefer C# for ease of use, documentation and developer community.  For cross platform C# take a look at Xamarin: http://xamarin.com/

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