Assemblers for the new instructionsets

Assemblers for the new instructionsets

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Last year I ported the Vector Pascal compiler to the AVX instructionsets, and would like to do a port to the Xeon Phi instructions, but before I do that I need to know what assemblers are available for the new instructions. I know that NASM is not yet available for it, but is there a Gnu Assembler for it, or any other open source assembler?

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gnu binutils for linux evidently has supported AVX for quite some time, including the versions supplied with current linux distros.

I have no problems with avx it is with Xeon Phi that I am unclear

The forum specific to Intel(c) Xeon Phi(tm) is the place to ask about that. Cross-binutils components for that architecture are available in an optional download associated with the Intel64 linux compilers, as well as from gnu binutils sites.

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