Hi everyone,

I tried to search on the Intel website any information about the License under which the Intel OpenCL SDK (2012) is being distributed?

I had a look at the license.txt file being distributed with the intel ocl sdk 2012 linux x64 rpm.

Apart from the following information:

"The scope and duration (time period) of your license depends on the type of license you obtained from Intel. The variety of license types are set forth below, which may not be available for all "Intel(R) Software Development Products" and therefore may not apply to the Materials. For more information on the types of licenses, please contact Intel or your sales representative."

I cannot clearly identify this information...

Does someone in this forum have any information/pointers?

Thanks in advance.



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Para obter mais informações sobre otimizações de compiladores, consulte Aviso sobre otimizações.

The EULA is also available at:
What specifically are you trying to do?


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