OpenMP Tasks + Offload possible?

OpenMP Tasks + Offload possible?


when I offload a parallel region, my OpenMP tasks are not executed, is this intended?

The example below gives no output as it is, it seems the tasks are created but not executed. If I omit the offload or the task pragma, I get the expected result. Any idea what I am doing wrong?




int main(){

#pragma offload target(mic)

#pragma omp parallel


#pragma omp task  

printf("Hello World!\n");


return 0;



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This question would be more likely to get a reply on the appropriate forum:

Thanks for the hint, I moved the thread as you suggested.


You have not done anything wrong. There is currently a defect with using omp task inside an offload region that is expected to be fixed in the next update release tentatively scheduled for late January. I confirmed your program runs correctly with a newer (internal-only) build of the compiler.

Thanks for the information. I will wait for the compiler update then.


I confirmed this defect is fixed in the Intel Fortran Composer XE 2013 Update 2 (2013.1.146 - Linux) now available for download from the Intel Registration Center (

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