Yocto 1.3 Support

Yocto 1.3 Support

I downloaded the Intel® Embedded Software Development Tool Suite for Intel® Atom™ evaluation back in October. The evaluation supports Yocto 1.1. Yocto is no upto 1.3. Does the latest evaluation or final product support Yocto 1.3?

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Sean, We are actually running a new Beta Program for Embedded Software Development. If you are interested I can send you the invitation letter. However, we support Yocto 1.2 only. No evaulations have been done with Yocto 1.3 on our side yet.
Regards, Hubert.

Hubert, thank you for the quick reply. Too bad about Yocto Project 1.3 support. I guess I can work with 1.2. Please add me to the list.
1. Will the tools support Ubuntu 12.04 LTS host?
2. Once the Yocto Prject ADT 1.2 has been setup and works with Eclipse, will the installer simply replace the environment to support icc rather than gcc? Will I be able to open Eclipse and create a project and compile with icc - no further action needed?



I'm very sorry for the delay. First of all I'd like to give you the registration link to the beta program in a private message since it's not public.


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