Dynamic_cast in CSharp

Dynamic_cast in CSharp

In C++, we can do this as the manual shows: 

PXCFaceAnalysis::Detection *detector=faceDynamicCast<PXCFaceAnalysis::Detection>();

How should we do it in C#, I want to integrate the face recognition module into WPF application and get rid of the cmd console, is libpxcclr.dll enough?

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I have forwarded your question to our development team and we will get back to you once I have an answer. Thanks.

The best way to use Dynamic Casting in C Sharp is to intialize a GUID and then use it as a OUT Integer
Consider defining it before and then use it.
I am trying it with Lambda Expression as soon I am done i will update you.The only way to learn now is experiment and yes only referencing the Iibpxcclr.dll file is enough to get the SDK going in C sharp i have checked.@David Please update me if i am wrong.

Abhishek Nandy

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