Remote Debugging

Remote Debugging

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Not sure how many found this feature in Visual Studio 2012, but it is simple and amazing and only takes a couple of minutes to setup. If you are developing on a host system that is different than you target or you want to test your app on various Win8 hardware, then this is a must.

Step one: Download the remote debugging client to your target device. Go to and download the approapriate client app for your target device. For my Intel Tablet I selected the bottom item in the table.

Step two: Install the Remote Debugger client on your target device then run the Remote Debugger app.

Step three. In Visual Studio 2012 select Remote Debugging from your Debugging options, then when prompted fill in the name of the target device

See my full blog post and video here:

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Hi Bob

Is this remote debugger part of VS debugger?You can also perform remote debugging with the Windbg.

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Thats really graet debugging process at long distace..

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Thank you very much Bob, now i can deploy some apps on my Surface Tab :)

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can we use remote debugger with visual studio 2008version?

imagem de Yacoubi M.

Thank you very much Bob, this is so helpful

imagem de JudLup Luna

Hi, the process should be the same on both case

JudLup Luna
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Hi JudLup,

What do you mean?


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