Please try to realize this by a FORTRAN program

Please try to realize this by a FORTRAN program

User can input a mathematical function, and then using this function, a program makes calculations.


a User will input a function (any one), e.g., f(x)=x**3+x;

b A program gets this function;

c User provides an “x” value.

d A program makes calculation and outputs the result.


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If this has been rejected as a homework effort on Fortran forums, you'll do better to follow the usual advice:
study your assignment, show your best effort on a Fortran forum such as comp.lang.fortran newsgroup if you still need assistance.

I would like to know a little bit more about your intention, but in all case should you use some kind of interpreter (parser) it can help you to develop your application. 

Ketson Roberto

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