Hardware not supported

Hardware not supported

I installed Intel Media SDK 2013 on a laptop running Intel Core i7-3720QM with Intel HD Graphics 4000. It is running Windows 8 and I just updated the Intel HD Graphics driver to version When i run the sys_analyzer.exe tool it says it supports HW/SW for Media SDK versions 1.0 to 1.4. But version 1.5 and 1.6 only support SW. I'm developing using Intel Media SDK 2013 which is 1.6. This is a fairly new laptop and it would seem like the latest Intel Media SDK should support it. Will there be a graphics driver that will be released to support the latest version of Intel Media SDK with my hardware specs? Is there a detailed list of requirements for Intel Media SDK 2013 hardware support?



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Hi Michael,

HW support for Media SDK API 1.6 will not be available until Intel graphics driver is released which is aligned with next generation Core processor. A graphics driver supporting this will be available in the next few months. Note that the new graphics driver (with API 1.6 support) will only support 3rd generation Core processor and next generation Core processor.

In the meantime please use API 1.4 for HW acceleration.


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