I am using Visual Fortran Compiler XE .

When I compile with option /stand:f08 , I am getting the following message:

warning #7416: Fortran 2008 does not allow this intrinsic procedure. [ATANH]

I don't think the above message is necessary. I have just checked the Fortran 2008 standard, and ATANH is there. Look on page 331.


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Thanks - we'll check into this.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

We have an open report of several F2008 intrinsics and new features that the compiler incorrectly complains about, but ATANH was missed on this list.  I added it.  The various ERF, GAMMA and some other intrinsics also incorrectly give F2008 warnings. This is our issue DPD200235770 and will be fixed in a future version/

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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