C++11 changes in Intel 13.1.0

C++11 changes in Intel 13.1.0

With Intel C++ 13.1  in 2013 update 2, are there any further changes with C++11 compliance as compared with update 1 and the initial release?

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Please compare release notes:

 Features from C++11 (/Qstd:c++0x)
o Additional type traits
o Uniform initialization
o Generalized constant expressions (partial support)
o noexcept
o Range based for loops
o Conversions of lambdas to function pointers
o Implicit move constructors and move assignment operators

The list is the same from the initial release readme. The current readme does not seem to address the 13.1 version of the compiler

A reported bug in implementation of constexpr has been fixed.

>>...A reported bug in implementation of constexpr has been fixed...

Hi Tim, It looks like a for a different thread...

I wasn't referring to the case reported on this forum; thanks for pointing that out.  Maybe someone could check that case.

no, there is no new C++11 features in the update2.

All the supported C++11 features are listed here: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/c0x-features-supported-by-intel-c-compiler 


Thank you, that was what I was trying to figure out

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