Whaich programming language is the best?

Whaich programming language is the best?

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I want to develop mobile apps,so which programming language could help me??

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as far as i know moblie development c++ is a language you can use on a lot of platforms. it can work on ios as far as i heard

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Or you can use HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript ;D

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Till now many developers of mobile in worlds and develped to many applications of mobile approx 650,600 of Iphone, 600,000 of Android and 500,000 Ipad applications. So now are you thing about mobile application platfrom which language is best for Mobile Apps, Mr. Fahim, No worry about it. I will guide you properly. This point is very necssary, it's key step of every application development when you are making a plan for application development.

Make sure you had ask this question with many audience which is sharing own experiance on blog, article and fourms. I will recommand C language for iOS standard, Our some frinds and developers considering C languge for iOS Application Development, our developers working in Imensosoftware.com a software development comapny of India.


David Kroj

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Thnx guys

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I would recommend to think about the following:

1. Define what do you mean by "best programming language" - any criteria?

2. This forum thread does not look like best matching to your request - technical/developers threads could be more useful.

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Java is the answear :)

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Try Processing

Ahmed Ziadi
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How about HTML5

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My favorite answer is above by Eric: HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript)

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There is no "best" programming language. It just depends on what you wish to program in the future. 

Now the top 3 most powerful language that are mostly used today are the following 

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I think java is the best.

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java is better

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Thanks everybody. But, I think if you want to develop mobile apps you should prefer Java.




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I'll add one more vote for C# 

1. It's strongly typed

2. Doesn't require memory management (generally)

3. Well documented

4. Great developer community 

5. Can be used for most platforms (with 3rd party tools)


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HTML5 , Java and C++

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HTML5+Java Script+CSS

Ketson Roberto
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Java for mobile apps

as we are developing many immense apps and mainly develop in JAVA and after that in C/C++

good luck !

The Unicorn Technologies FZE (TUT) (We Are The Future) A Complete Software House http://www.tut-ae.com www.tut-ae.com
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HTML5 , Java and C++

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This is a very vague question. As a mobile developer you don't choose a language, you choose your target platform. Language for that platform comes bundles. Or go with cross compilation tools.

Harsh Prateek,CEO and Owner,Mamba International
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HTML5 , Java and C++

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HTML5 goes usually with javascript, and this makes a cool cross compilation platform. Have a look at intel XDK tool.

Harsh Prateek,CEO and Owner,Mamba International
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