Help with crash

Help with crash

I am getting a crash on a write statement that I don't understand.  Any help appreciated.

The code crashes when allocating memory on the heap it appears.  The line in question is the first executable line in routine WRSTAT

    character*13  VALUE,VALUE2
        real val,val2
100    format(1pG13.6)

All default REAL are 64 bits as are all default INTEGERS via compiler option.   The call stack is shown in the attached picture:

I suspect it may be something else wrong elsewhere in the code, but maybe someone can spot something here I have missed.

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Most likely something corrupted memory elsewhere in your program. Doing a Memory Analysis run under Intel Inspector XE might be illuminating. Errors such as this are rarely caused by code where the error appears.


It is kind of strange that the argument list in the call stack for WRSTAT isn't correct.  There should be 3 arguments plus the hidden string length. 

SUBROUTINE WRSTAT(routine, val,val2)
        character*(*) routine
        real val,val2

And I haven't found anything else that looks misdefined.

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I'm not exactly sure how to interpret the call stack here, but I see what looks like three arguments. However, I suggest ignoring that.


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