Window 8 Metro app support on production build?

Window 8 Metro app support on production build?

Does the production build allows creating windows 8 metro app? Also, any improvement in C# samples? If not then any future plans?

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Windows 8 Metro/Store apps not supported. We consider that for future releases but can’t make any commitments at the moment.

Do you have specific suggestions how to improve C# samples? One request we got previously is to add sample(s) how to use face API on C# level.

Thanks Mikhail for your response.

I hope it will be available soon to develop Windows Store Apps. Preferred to have WinRT integrated APIs so that all the perceptual computing capabilities/features are available at platform(OS) level rather than at app level.

WRT improving C# sample codes, I noticed that C++ samples are detailed on using APIs and also providing user interface whereas C# is very limited and outputs just the data. So it will be great to have C# code sample equivalent to C++ samples, including face detection and API functions.

Hi Devi,

Just bear in mind Modern UI (formerly Metro) Apps use the APIs designed to optimise the user experience.  This means that when an App loses focus it has to be prepared to be shutdown and the first things switched off are sensors etc. which is presumably why PerC targets Win32 Apps.



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