Impulse/force on stacked resting objects connected by joints

Impulse/force on stacked resting objects connected by joints

In a scenario where a ragdoll (consisting of rigidbodies connected with ragdolljoints) is standing on the ground and being completely still: how can I get the force/impulse/<what is it called exactly?> that is being continuously applied on the foot by being pressed between the body and the ground? Using the last impulse applied from the last hkpContactPointEvent that occured on the foot doesn't seem very reliable, does the ankle joint hold any info about this force?



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Bah, sorry for the duplicate posts, after making the first it didn't show up so I tried making another. Now it's not possible to remove the other though, there is a "edit"-button but it's unclickable :/

Changed the feet shapes to boxes instead of being meshes, then I got nice and high impulse values - so I'm not having this problem anymore. Still strange though that mesh-shapes wouldn't generate very high values.

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