New (4/24/13) forum layout problems

New (4/24/13) forum layout problems

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New forum layout has search box obscured by messages, search button [Q] positioned over other buttons, Home > this > that > other do not have links for this that and other (just text, must use back).

You still have the issue where the "button" space for "App Development", "Intel Platform Development", ... extends below that of blue background. Meaning clicking on links following Home> (when they were links) problematic. IOW placing cursor just above text of link, but still within blank background, would activate drop-down for  "App Development", "Intel Platform Development", ... Note, removing links is not a fix.

Jim Demspey
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BTW taking the links off (replacing with text) is a real PIA especially if you read several messages, add comments, then wish to go back to forum section. The level links performed this in one click. Now it takes several clicks.

Jim Dempsey
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Thanks - I have passed your comments on to the forum developers.

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I find the links Home->this->that->other work ok for me.
I agree about the button space under the "App Development" etc. triggering the dropdown which then obscures the Home->this etc.
I still think (pet peeve 1) it would be nice to number each response in a post, so others can identify to which post a new response applies.
AND (pet peeve 2) have Next Thread / Previous Thread buttons - more convenient than having to click "back" (or this->that->other) and then having to click on the next thread.


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Yes, I miss the #n responses too. For the shorter messages you can use Quote. For threads with large numbers of messages there may be a high degree of redundancy so locating the specific message may require a Dr. Watson at your side.

Next Thread / Previous Thread are good too, though I do not tend to use those as much as clicking on "that" in this->that->other.

How do you insert a screenshot now? (i.e. not as attached file)

I tried file upload and received

An error occurred while attempting to proces /en-us/file/ajax/field_attachments/und/forum-BsUI3PAUIgpWtNzmQdZPfKYx7hAwzfUjQBefPrYPEo: Object doesn't support this property or method

I do not know if the attached file made it or not (forumLayout.jpg)

Jim Dempsey


Download forumlayout.jpg39.4 KB
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In the attache file (forumlayout.jpg), lower left side, "Home" is in blue and is a hyperlink. Everything to the right of "Home" is black and is not Hyperlinked.

On the right side you see the mess of the [V], [Q] and the messages pull-down control.

Jim Dempsey
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In addition to the other "fix blemish" suggestions in this thread, I'd like to request: Please restore the "Preview" button that used to be available in the old version of the forums. Without that, especially when a post contains in-line code, it is problematic to preserve formatting while making a minor correction to the message or the in-line code. If several rounds of "edit post" become necessary, one is tempted to skip correcting typos when doing so opens one to the hazard of messing up the in-line code.


jimdempseyatthecove escreveu:
In the attache file (forumlayout.jpg), lower left side, "Home" is in blue and is a hyperlink. Everything to the right of "Home" is black and is not Hyperlinked.

They are black and all higgledy-piggledy here too (firefox 20), but they still act as clickable links.

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I see that if Firefox too: black, stair-stepped, clickable (though not underlined), the Search edit box and buttons ok, message box control ok too.

My guess is the web page programmer didn't test the page using IE. I use IE 8

Jim Dempsey
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The links after Home are now working? Still black. Message box and buttons arround search box still messed up.

Jim Dempsey

Several Intel sites give me a message about the browsers which come with Red Hat 6.2 being obsolete and not recommended.  However, it's not straightforward to upgrade.

The same might be said about IE8, which is still some kind of Intel standard (where I agree it doesn't look entirely correct).

>>...I'd like to request: Please restore the "Preview" button that used to be available in the old version of the forums...

That was requested so many times after August 2012 and, unfortunately, it is Not done. I really miss that feature and editing already posted messages is a time consuming procedure.

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