TBB does compile within OpenCV under MinGW

TBB does compile within OpenCV under MinGW


been trying to compile TBB and here is what i get:

How to correct this?

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hello, what compiler version is used?

well, i am not sure, im not familiar with C++ compiling, the sequence was the following:

1. downloaded OpenCV

2. Downloaded CMake

3. Downloaded TBB

4. Run CMake

5.Choose MinGW compiler amount others, it was only one choice, as on picture:

6. Choose the OpenCV project, add WITH_TBB flag and BUILD_TBB flag

7. Generated and ran mingw32-make

i just need to run few of OpenCV applications with TBB support

could you run 'gcc -v' instead of 'mingw32-make' to get gcc version?



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