RESPONSE_NONE pure virtual call assert

RESPONSE_NONE pure virtual call assert

Hello Havok developers,

when rigid body with RESPONSE_NONE flag collidesat continuous simulation, pure virtual call assert pops out. 

1. Is there any way how to determine the reason why these asserts pops in Havok library?

2. Why RESPONSE_NONE asserts in continuous simulation, meanwhile Discrete simulation is ok with that?

Thank you,


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Sorry, double post.

Amy Developer Support Engineer Havok

Hi Petr,

Could you send us your call stack when the assert is hit? Is this a Havok assert, i.e. does it have a key like 0x12345678?

Re 1) A lot of our asserts will print a short message to your log or console explaining why the assert was hit (so check there). Also all of our asserts should also give a key like the example I gave above. This ID might not be very useful to you, but it lets us search the full codebase and see what condition is causing the warning or assert.

Also, for future crashes please read as well.

Amy Developer Support Engineer Havok

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