IMSL argument convention question

IMSL argument convention question

I'm still in learning mode with today's fortran.
Why does the IMSL routine LIN_SOL_GEN want arguments declared like X(N,0) when being called to calculate a matrix inverse? This seems really strange. It must have something to do with the argument not being needed in the IMSL for the purpose of determining the inverse.

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This particular IMSL routine does more than one job: (i) solving equations, (ii) inverting a matrix, (iii) others (?). Therefore, a convention is required to tell the solver which particular job is involved in this particular call. Note that it is only the size of the matrix b, along with the value of nrhs, that are used in finding the matrix inverse. The matrix b is neither set before calling nor are its values used after the call.

In other words, the authors of IMSL devised a convention to enable distinguishing between Job (i) and Job (ii). If you use their library, you follow their convention. If you were writing the library routine, you might choose an entirely different convention.

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