Intel Premier Support is upgrading to a new version

Intel Premier Support is upgrading to a new version

Hello all,

I'm very happy to post the news of a new version of Intel Premier Support is about to be released. Please check more details at New Intel Premier Support.

Please expect some down-time: Thursday August 15th ~6:00pm PDT to Sunday August 18th ~5:00 PDT


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I have valid products which I can install but can't access the new premier site, get an access denied :-(

I tried "Premier Support" to get a solution for my "-profile-functions" problem, but I cannot even select a product.

Please fix this ASAP.


Did you search for your product under the 'Submit Issue' dialog? By default you don't see products listed. You can either enter a keyword (for example compiler into the search field or click the 'Browse Products' button to search for your product.

If this doesn't help, let me know your serial number (please answer via "Send Author A Message" then).

Regards, Hubert.

OK, it is working now.

I did not expect *another* level of account activation...

I have 2 valid student licenses (for linux and OSX) with active support and my access is denied to intel premier support. How do I proceed ?


Student licenses are not supported via Intel(R) Premier Support. You need to use the forum here to submit product questions/problems. However, I can double-check your license status. Please let me know your serial numbers by answering to my via "Send Author A Message".

Thanks, Hubert.

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