Visual Studio 2012 question about lib's

Visual Studio 2012 question about lib's

I believe I have succesfully built some LIB files for the ARPACK library.  How do I get VS to include these in the build process for my main program?  Right now I have one VS *.sln file that has a project item for my main program, and project items for each LIB file from which I built the LIB files.  But when I build my main program I get 'unresolved external symbol' for my calls to routines in the LIB's.  I hope it's just something simple that I'm missing.


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In VS2012 in the Project Properties editor, I click the Help button and I get "Cannot find requested topic on your computer".  Does this mean VS is not installed correctly?

You need to set project dependencies. Right click on the executable project and select Project Dependencies. Under "Depends on", check the box for each library project you want linked in.

If you are on a Fortran property page, the Help Viewer should open to show you the Fortran documentation. Can you get at the Fortran help content through the VS Help menu?

Steve - Intel Developer Support

All righty. I set the dependencies, and I'm making progress.

Now I'm getting unresolved external's for routines in LAPACK. The Arnoldi ARPACK library from Rice University uses LAPACK, and it comes with code for building LAPACK.LIB, but the IMSL documentation also says it has LAPACK, and my code is using IMSL for other things. Should I just build and link in the LIB that came with ARPACK, or can/should the IMSL fill this requirement?

From what I read, IMSL doesn't include LAPACK, but some of its routines will use an externally supplied LAPACK if you use the _HPC variant set of libraries. Intel MKL does provide optimized LAPACK routines, so maybe what you need to do is enable the "Use MKL" option. Which routines are not getting resolved?

Steve - Intel Developer Support

What the IMSL docs say about LAPACK is a bit fuzzy.
Anyhow, I turned on Properties/Fortran/Libraries/Use Intel MKL.
What determines if I should pick Parallel, Sequential, or Cluster?
As far as I know this code is not doing anything parallel. There are no MPI calls.
However, Properties/Fortran/Language/Process Open MP Directives is set to Generate Parallel Code. I do not know why, or what it means, or if it matters.

When I build the LAPACK unresolve are gone, but now I get stuff like the following:
Error 10 error LNK2005: _for_alloc_allocatable already defined in libifcoremdd.lib(libifcoremdd.dll) libifcoremt.lib(for_vm.obj)
Do I need to change some other project setting? Presently the command line string shows /NODEFAULTLIB:"libc" /NODEFAULTLIB:"Libcmtd"

I think in general you want to select Parallel for MKL.

You have some project(s) built with the "Use Fortran Run-Time Libraries" option set to the static library (Multithreaded) and others set to use the Multithreaded DLL library. You need to make these consistent. For your library projects, I'd recommend setting Fortran > Libraries > Disable Default Library Search Rules to Yes. This will make it use the executable project's library choice.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

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