How many ways to compute Rank of Matrix by using IMSL Library?

How many ways to compute Rank of Matrix by using IMSL Library?


I am stuck on Rank of Matrix problem which was posted at;  there was no reply :(

I am trying to attempt other way to compute it such as RANK (A), LSVRR (NRA, NCA, A, LDA, IPATH, TOL, IRANK, S, U, LDU, V, LDV); however, it seems could not solve my whole problem perfectly.

Could you please suggest any other way to compute Rank of Matrix by using IMSL?

By the way, is there any email address of Technical Team Support where I can send my inquiries?

Thank you in advance.

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Intel technical support is available at, but this is for problems with the operation of the product, not to ask "how to" questions. This forum is the right place in general to ask "how to" questions, but asking for advice on IMSL routine choice here may or may not be effective. Some users here have IMSL experience, but I would suggest that this sort of question is better suited for Rogue Wave's own IMSL forum at

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your recommendation.

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