Where else can I submit my download, registration, or licensing issues?

Where else can I submit my download, registration, or licensing issues?

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Hi Corey, I have a question about registering "Intel Fortran Compiler 5.0.1 for Linux".

The serial is eight numbers long, and when I enter it noting happens.

Can't it be registred?

I found the entire Software Tailor team to very helpful and knowledgeable.  You help me understand the differences between the other systems on the market and the Software Tailor system.

Software Development HK

I downloaded an evaluation copy of Intel® Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition for C++ Linux. Installation requires a license file - none was supplied. There is no email with an attached license file.

Without the file, I can't install the product, or register the product, or submit an issue to Premier support. How can I get a license?



Where to get an evaluation license for Intel Parallel Studio 2015, cluster edition?




Please use the following link for trial:




Devorah H.

.I renewed my  license  for Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for C++  OS X. Download worked, but the installation process stops after I enter my serial number, with an "Installation cannot proceed. You do not have enough licenses to install all the components of this package."




My "new" serial number is the same I had before.

It works fine on a fresh Mac (where Composer was never installed.) 







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