code analysis

code analysis

Dear all,

           I want to debug code as well as analyse code through Vtune amplifier. I used following command

  ifort  -o  file.x -O3 -g  *.o . However , when I open the source code in Vtune amplifier, that particular subroutine is comming in the binary format. I have searched in  intel forums also, I could not get proper suggestions.  Could any one please suggest me, whether am I doing correct or wrong. I enclosed snapshots of my results.

Thank you.  

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In order for -g to take effect, it has to be set when making the .o as well as for the link step.

You showed your link step, which you have set up correctly to link against debug libraries.  This does not modify the .o files, which you apparently made without -g, so they don't have the debug symbols required to refer to source code.

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