Intel® Software Development Emulator, Release 6.7

Intel® Software Development Emulator, Release 6.7

Hello, we just released version 6.7 of the Intel® Software Development Emulator. It is available here:

It includes:

  • Debugging with GDB is now supported with Intel® AVX-512. Download the new GDB from here.
  • Emulation of Intel® AVX2 FMA and Intel AVX-512 FMA uses native FMA instructions when running on Haswell host.
  • Various fixes with the emulation of floating-point and conversion instructions of Intel AVX-512.
  • Disassembly of control transfer instructions displays the 'bnd' prefix when used with Intel® MPX.
  • Updated the XED ISA set names for Intel AVX-512. This is visible in 'mix' statistics output.

It supports the new instructions and features described in revision 15 of the AVX programmers manual

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Thank you.

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