some xblas file compilation using icc 14.0 gets stuck forever

some xblas file compilation using icc 14.0 gets stuck forever

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Just switch from icc 12.1 to icc 14.0, and trying to build xblas library, the compilation gets stuck on several files.

For example, xblas/src/gbmv2/BLAS_zgbmv2_c_z_x.c will get stuck, and never completed for several hours:
/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.0.080/bin/ia32/icc -I/Ydir/savesets/v750/s -I. -I/Ydir/savesets/v750/s/xblas/src -c -fPIC -DGT_DOUBLE_PRECISION -DGTDOUBLE -DCONFIG_FC_UNDERSCORE -DCONFIG_FC_RETURNS_DBL_REAL -O2 -Dlinux -D_ALL_UNIX_  -DGNUC3 -DINTEL_IA32 -o COMMON/obj/BLAS_zgbmv2_c_z_x.o /Ydir/savesets/v750/s/xblas/src/gbmv2/BLAS_zgbmv2_c_z_x.c

There are at least 4 such files in the xblas having similar issue.

I do not think I have seen this using icc 12.1.

Anyone have similar experience? and hopefully work around?

I know someone will advice me to use mkl, but the build is targetting realtime system, I do not want to link with MKL.

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I have transferred this issue to our C++ User Forum for investigation.


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I'm building it now. On which other files do you experience the hang? Would you be willing to share your config file? I can see some detials from your compilation options but I want to make sure I am not missing anything.



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 I have built with your command line and see 18 minute compile. Can you share your configuration file as Amanda asked for (I am working on this issue now). I will try to locate the code causing the long compile and give you a workaround. Do you store the files on a network? You maybe hitting a  performance problem across networks as the compiler will be accessing the files repeatedly.



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Sorry, I guess I forgot to subscribe to this thread, never got notification for the questions.

Please see the attached output file for the system load I experienced, and the output of `ps -ef`. I think you can see the XBLAS file names from the output.


Download output.txt5.64 KB

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