C++ Composer XE for Linux 2013 SP1 installation and license file

C++ Composer XE for Linux 2013 SP1 installation and license file

I've installed this product onto a different filesystem in hopes of utilizing the existing 2011 version that is currently installed in /opt/intel.  Long story short and leaving out all the gory details of having to recreate links for the old version after the install.sh,  is it possible to make both versions old and new availble to developers?   I've concatinated the new license with the old, but got "Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)" from the INCREMENT line.  Appreciate any feedback!

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Hi Mark,

You don't have to combine two of your license files into one.  Simple copy them to your license directory, by default /opt/intel/licenses.  The compilers will search for a good license in the directory.


The newer (later expiring) license will be valid for the earlier releases.

Thanks for your responses. The problem was that I installed the C++ Composer XE software package when the license was for "Parallel Studio XE for Linux", that includes C++.  Doh!   I de-installed the individual package, installed the correct one and all is good.  Problem solved.

Oh. Good to hear that the problem is solved.  Have a good evening.

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