Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10

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Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 does not support attaching a file of any type with yahoo and gmail email accounts. When writing a mail and attaching a corresponding file with it, it starts uploading the file and this process continues for more than an hour. Even it takes 4 to 5 hours and ultimately fails. Whereas the same file when uploaded with windows 7 Internet Explorer 9 it gets uploaded after a first time failure in a reasonable amount of time. Again another problem is that, when the same file is downloaded using Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10 it takes long time to scan the attachment. This process continues and ultimately fails.

Can anyone suggest a solution for using those fatures of  Internet Explorer 10 ? I donot want to use other browsers as because IE is inbuilt in it.

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I have just tried sending an attachment using Gmail and it worked perfectly.  However I was using IE11 in both Desktop and New UI (formerly Metro).

So upgrade to IE11,


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Did upgrading resolve your issue?


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1. Open up Internet Explorer 10

2. Press ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard to bring up the top menu. And then go to Tools > Developer Tools. Alternatively you can just press the ‘F12’ key on your keyboard.

Go to Tools > Developer Tools

3. This will bring up the IE developer tools which looks just like the one in Google Chrome at the bottom.

You can then click ‘Browser Mode’ and then click on the Internet Explorer version you want to simulate.

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You can switch from the metro style-see if that helps.Or upgrade to IE 11.

Harsh Prateek,CEO and Owner,Mamba International

I think you need to upgrade your Internet Explorer. Currently Internet Explorer 11 is working on windows 8,

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