IMB 4.0 bug report with RMA side

IMB 4.0 bug report with RMA side

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Hi Sir/Madam,

When I was running the latest IMB 4.0 which supports MPI-3 RMA, I found an issue with the benchmark. The benchmark didn't call MPI_Win_free to free the window when the benchmark exits. The following code is where MPI_Win_free is called inside IMB 4.0. It is called only for IMB-EXT, not for IMB-RMA. It seems to be a bug in the benchmark. Could you give me some feedbacks about this?


#ifdef EXT

    if( c_info->WIN != MPI_WIN_NULL )

#endif /*EXT*/


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Thanks so much for getting this reported.  I've submitted a bug to our internal development team.


Gergana Slavova
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