Slow Level 2 analysis

Slow Level 2 analysis


I have a graphics application and I want to run level 2 memory analysis on it.

But the application, because of the intel inspector, has become very very slow in response , so much so that it is impossible to play the game.

I have excluded all the modules that I do not want to instrument for analyses, but still the system is too slow(unplayable).

Can you suggest what more I can do to achieve more speed in terms of responsiveness of the game ?





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You might create a new analysis type, copied from mi2 analysis. Thus, you can set stack-depth=1, unselect "Analzye stack access", select "Remove duplicates", etc. Have you tried such as "-module-filter-mode=include -module-filter=.\foo.exe" instead of "-module-filter-mode=exclude ..."? 

putting a sleep in the main renderer thread improved the performance a bit.


manik s. escreveu:

putting a sleep in the main renderer thread improved the performance a bit.

Probably CPU utilization will be reduced when Inspector instruments/executes on "sleep" function. My opinion is to remain some core unused (application cpu affinity?), so Inspector will use other spare cores.

also, Inspector XE Update 9 enhances on the performance. Have you tried that?

I am already using update 9 of Intel Inspector XE

Probably CPU spends too much time executing instrumentation code and/or too much time is spent executing higher priority thread/code.You can try to profile your app when it executes under Inspector.You can use Xperf tool for that.

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