Bug Compiler - Intel C++ 14.0 - Preprocessor Function & Template members

Bug Compiler - Intel C++ 14.0 - Preprocessor Function & Template members


I think I found a bug on Intel C++ 14 Compiler.

To hide complexity and reduce code quantity I hide my type trait behind a Preprocessor Function like this:

		template <	DistributionType eDistribution,
					typename Type,
					typename ParamType = Core::VoidType >
		struct DistributionTrait
			typedef	std::false_type DistributionType;

With Preprocessor Function:

#define	CreateDistribution( E, D, T, PT )	template <>					\
						struct DistributionTrait< E, T, PT >	\
						{						\
							typedef	D	DistributionType;	\

I use it like that:

CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_int_distribution< u8 >,    u8, Core::VoidType );
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_int_distribution< u16 >,  u16, Core::VoidType );
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_int_distribution< u32 >,  u32, Core::VoidType );
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_int_distribution< u64 >,  u64, Core::VoidType );
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_int_distribution< s8 >,    s8, Core::VoidType );
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_int_distribution< s16 >,  s16, Core::VoidType );
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_int_distribution< s32 >,  s32, Core::VoidType );
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_int_distribution< s64 >,  s64, Core::VoidType );
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_real_distribution< f32 >, f32, Core::VoidType );
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Uniform, std::uniform_real_distribution< f64 >, f64, Core::VoidType );

But when have more parameters when the bug occur:

CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Poisson, std::poisson_distribution< u8, f32 >,   u8, f32 );

I have an error:
2>..\Math/Random/DistributionTrait.h(49): error : expected an identifier
2>            CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Poisson, std::poisson_distribution< u8, f32 >,   u8, f32 );
2>            ^

I think in this case the compiler do not parse correctly the "Preprocessor Function", I think that is done with a sString.Split( ',' ).

Because when I use only the first parameter:

CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Poisson, std::poisson_distribution< u8 >,   u8, f32 );

Or If I hide the type behind a typedef:

typedef	std::poisson_distribution< u8 >	PoissonU8F32;
CreateDistribution( DistributionType::Poisson, PoissonU8F32,   u8, f32 );

That work correctly.

I have a workaround, so is not a blocking issue, but this post is just a "bug-report".


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Another way to use it:

#define	BinomialDef( A, B )	binomial_distribution< A, B >
CreateDistribution( Binomial, BinomialDef( u8, f32 ),  u8, f32 );

The theory of splitString( ',' ); is wrong. It is a specific issue with template parameters


I see the same behaviour with the Microsoft and the GNU compilers. I do not think this is a bug. The preprocessor has no special knowledge of template syntax.




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