Software, Hardware and the Cloud.

Software, Hardware and the Cloud.

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Welcome to the Internet of Things forum. In addition to asking questions on the forum you are encouraged to post your project ideas, and provide helpful information to other participants. We are also looking for feedback on the software and hardware components that make up the initial devkit offering. Currently there are three major pieces: 

Development Tools : including Yocto Application Toolkit, (ADT) and Intel(r) System Studio (ISS).

Galileo board including the range of sensors, and I/O devices that we use at our hackathons.

Cloud Connectivity include Linux software agents and a cloud based IoT Analytics Platform as a Service

Collectively, Software, Hardware, and the Cloud. Please try and post your questions according to these topics.

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In addition to our IoT forums, additional information and more targeted support is available from subject matter experts at the following places.

Intel System Studio:  Do you have questions about using ISS on Intel Core or Xeon Processors :

Arduino IDE for the Galileo Board: This subject and also other maker topics are handled at

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Thanks alot for the infomation on this wonderful project  in the kit you may include some motion sensors ultraviolet sensors infrared sensors also lcd and a seven segment display may be included i personally have an arduino and it comes with those inclding some resistors leds capacitors and a resistor color code picture or table for me am working on awearable glass for schools or hospitals but am yet to buy the board pleae help me how i can get one for myself am in kenya

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Great Tool to have and an excellent idea..

Abhishek Nandy
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Halo sir my project is areally cool one that wil help medical students to just stare at the specimen in the lab and al ardge lcd screen in front of them give the name pictures and symptoms of diseaes and possible cures or developments in that fiend it will be called Docglass please help me acquire the board or the kit so that i may make it areality

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I am an elite Premier Partner in the DZ.  we have a very high performance IoT-SB which uses XMPP for the base protocol.  It is based on a 64 bit multi threaded architecture which was optimized with VTune and benchmarked at 240,000 concurrent connections at 60,000 1k messages per second on 2x4core XEON 16GB a 2x10GB NICS.  My understanding is that Intel uses XMPP as protocol over the internet and wanted to see how I can engage deeper in the business discussion in the ecosystem as well as Intel corporate.

I would like to see if there is anyone I can speak with to understand how to better take advantage of my involvement in the DZ.


Michael Holdmann

Michael Holdmann Chief Marketing Officer (O) 916.577.1977 x6015 (M) 775.830.9755

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