GLCapture and support recording audio from mic

GLCapture and support recording audio from mic

I am trying to record video from my Android OpenGL application along with audio from the device microphone.  I built and ran the Video Capture sample from the INDE Media Pack, which solves my half of my problem  

Does GLCapture support recording audio as well?  Or would I need to record audio separately and then try to join the two files?


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Hi Jesus,

Current INDE Media Pack version does not support audio recording in GLCapture. But we have added device microphone recording in GLCapture class and going to release updated version with this functionality enabled very soon.

Thank you for your interest in INDE Media Pack


Thank you, Nick.  That's great news.  Any chance you could provide clarification on what "very soon" would be?  Weeks? Months?

If you have INDE installed it will show update in "Notifications". A week or so I think

It's available through INDE hub now. Please check the "Notifications" section. If it does not show update available, please re-install INDE hub and install from the scratch

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