"Deep Analysis" showing 7 HW threads on Ivy Bridge EUs

"Deep Analysis" showing 7 HW threads on Ivy Bridge EUs

Small interface issue in Kernel Builder...  the y-axis of the EU chart only shows 7 threads on Ivy Bridge EUs.

I thought IB EUs have 8 threads and Haswell EUs have 7 threads?


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The chart shows the number of threads that were active on your kernel execution. If you are certain that all 8 HW threads were active, can you please share with me a Kernel Builder session file + kernel code so I can try it myself?


Also - if you can specify the exact model of your Ivy Bridge unit and driver version, that could be helpful.



It's a Celeron 1037U (Ivy Bridge with 6 EUs).

I'll DM you the kbsess file.

Not a bug.

Oren pointed out that the clicking again on the plot reveals an EU HW thread chart.

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