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Use Variable Rate Shading (VRS) to Improve the User Experience in Real-Time Game Engines

Última atualização: 9 de agosto de 2019Duração do vídeo: 1 hora

Variable-rate shading (VRS) is a new feature of Microsoft DirectX* 12 and is supported on the 11th generation of Intel® graphics hardware. Get an overview and learn best practices, recommendations, and how to modify traditional 3D effects to take advantage of VRS.

Advanced Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) Programming with Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler

Última atualização: 9 de agosto de 2019Duração do vídeo: 1 hora

Explore practical elements, such as performance profiling, debugging, and porting advice. Get an overview of advanced programming topics, like common design patterns, SIMD lane interoperability, data conversions, and more.

Ray Tracing with Intel® Embree and Intel® OSPRay: Use Cases and Updates

Última atualização: 9 de agosto de 2019Duração do vídeo: 58 min

Explore practical examples of Intel® Embree and Intel® OSPRay in production rendering and the best practices of using the kernels in typical rendering pipelines.

3D Realms* on Finding ‘Undiscovered’ Talent and Publishing Indie Games

Publicado em 15 de agosto de 2019

With its growing roster of indie developers, 3D Realms is helping and publishing indie games.

shoelace pattern

Single Instruction Multiple Data Made Easy with Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler

In terms of readability, portability, performance, and time savings for new code it pays to spend a short while learning a new language: Intel ISPC®.

Unreal Engine* 4 Optimizations for 4.23 and Beyond Part 1: Chaos Destruction and Niagara Particle Systems

Intel game engineers added Intel® Implicit SPMD Program Compiler to allow Unreal Engine 4 Chaos systems to take advantage of every CPU core available.

Novaquark Tech Demo with Intel® Core™ i9 Processors

Última atualização: 19 de julho de 2019

This video demos that the CPU is vital to the gameplay mechanics, the server interactions, the texture loading, and the procedural generation.

green man gaming window

Green Man Gaming* and Intel Help PC Game Developers Grow

Publicado em 13 de setembro de 2017, atualizado em 16 de julho de 2019Por Patrick Defreitas

We feature how Green Man Gaming works with the Intel® GameDev Program to help indie developers like you to Get Ready, Get Noticed, and Get Big.

Hitman 2*: Enhancing Reverb on Modern CPUs

Publicado em 15 de julho de 2019

IO Interactive and Intel used multicore CPUs and parallelization to make Hitman 2 sound more immersive by improving its reverb system.

Maximize Your Game Performance with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA)

Última atualização: 15 de julho de 2019Duração do vídeo: 42 min

Learn how to use Intel® GPA to identify performance bottlenecks and analyze metrics and hotspots. In addition, a case study showcases these performance optimizations.

Get Certified, Runs Great on Intel® Technology

Última atualização: 15 de julho de 2019Duração do vídeo: 36 min

Learn the methodology to get certified including hardware requirements, submission process, and benefits. Explore how Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers can help with certification.

Integer Scaling Support on Intel® Graphics

Publicado em 12 de julho de 2019

Integer scaling (IS) is a nearest-neighbor upscaling technique that simply scales up the existing pixels by an integer (i.e., whole number) multiplier