Make sure your application is enabled for analysis as explained in the Preparing OpenGL ES* Applications for Profiling topic.

To collect Android* metrics available on your target device, run the command:

gpa_console_client [-dn <device-name>] -an <application-name> -csv <file-name> [optional parameters]


  • -dn <device-name> specifies the name of your target device. You can skip this option if you have only one Android* device connected.


    To get your target device name, enter:
    adb devices

  • -an <application-name> specifies the name of the application you want to analyze, or the corresponding package/activity. For example, instead of the “Angry Birds HD” application name, you can use the package name: com.rovio.angrybirds/com.rovio.ka3d.App.
  • -csv <file-name> generates a CSV output file containing all the collected metrics data.
  • [optional parameters] override the default settings of the tool, as follows:
    • -cfg <config-file> specifies the list of metrics to collect. You can generate a sample configuration file using the -android_metrics option, and modify the generated file to include only the metrics you want to collect. If some of the specified metrics are unavailable, the corresponding cells in the generated metrics table will be empty.
      Default: Intel® GPA collects all the available metrics. The set of available metrics might change during the application run time. For example, graphic metrics could get activated. In this case, the CSV file can contain several tables with several headers. The new table header is generated every time the set of available metrics changes.
    • -t <device-wait-time> defines the time interval, in seconds, during which Intel® GPA tries to connect to the target device.
      Default: 10 seconds
    • -w <application-wait-time> defines the time interval, in seconds, during which Intel® GPA tries to connect to the target application.
      Default: 10 seconds
    • -adb <adb-path> specifies the path to the adb tool.
    • -ct <collect-time> defines the time interval, in seconds, during which Intel® GPA collects metrics data.
      Default: Intel® GPA collects metrics data until you close the application.
    • -cd <delay-time> defines the delay, in seconds, before starting metrics collection.
      Default: Intel® GPA starts metrics collection when you launch the application.


gpa_console_client -dn B3E8BDE8 –an “Angry Birds HD” -csv metrics.csv -cfg metrics.cfg -ct 60

In this example, Intel® GPA connects to the B3E8BDE8 target device to analyze the Angry Birds HD application, collects the metrics specified in the metrics.cfg file for 60 seconds, and saves the result in metrics.csv.

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