Intel® Media Server Studio

Develop, debug, and validate enterprise grade media applications and solutions for datacenter and embedded usages in C/C++

  • Deliver fast, high-density video transcoding through Intel media hardware accelerators for top performance on Intel® CPUs and graphics processors
  • Accelerate HEVC and 4K/UHD transition
  • Reduce infrastructure and development costs
  • Utilize Media codecs such as HEVC, AVC and MPEG- Audio, along with advanced performance and quality analyzers
  • Use Intel® Code Builder for OpenCL™ API to customize and accelerate media pipeline
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Video is the largest and fastest growing category of Internet traffic.1 And as the industry transitions to OTT, HEVC and VP9/10, video solution providers need economical, fast, high-density transcode, and quality/analysis tools to stay competitive.

The Intel® Media Server Studio product family has multiple products for these needs. Supports Linux* and Windows Server*.

  • Intel Media Server Studio provides a Media SDK, runtimes, and advanced performance and quality analyzer tools for developing enterprise-grade media solutions on Intel® Xeon® processor and Intel® Core™ processor based platforms. Get premium performance, video quality and compliance. Editions available:
  • Professional - Includes Essentials edition, plus enterprise-quality HEVC and audio codecs, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier performance analysis tool, Video Quality Caliper stream quality analyzer, Premium Telecine Interlace Reverser, and more.
  • Essentials - Access Intel platform media features and hardware acceleration through the Media SDK, runtimes, graphics drivers, Intel® Code Builder for OpenCL™ API, and more. Includes Intel® Premier Support.
  • Community - Free Essentials edition without Intel Premier Support.
  • Separate tools - Intel® Video Pro Analyzer and Intel® Stress Bitstreams and Encoder deliver in-depth debugging and validation tools for decoders and encoders experts. (more below).

What’s New in Intel Media Server Studio

  • HEVC – Develop next-gen video contribution and distribution solutions using improved HEVC 10-bit 4:2:2/4:2:0 encode quality and performance.
  • Increase Media Performance and Quality – Advanced 5th generation graphics and media accelerators, plus custom drivers unlock upwards of 15+ HD AVC streams per socket of HD H.264 on 5th generation Intel Xeon E3 processors.
  • Free Intel Media Server Studio - Community Edition and Intel® Video Pro Analyzer academic licensing options reduce the total cost of designing Intel silicon into your solution.
  • Virtualized Environment - Use Intel Media Server Studio software implementation on a virtualized environment on Intel Xeon E5 - KVM+Xen, Xenserver on Linux.
  • Screen Capture – Develop your screen capture solution targeting the gaming industry using the screen capture plug-in available in Intel Media Server Studio (Windows only).
  • Video Transcoding Solutions webinar recording

2016 Features Coming Soon

  • Achieve real-time HEVC 4K encode on Intel Xeon E5 platforms using our HEVC software solution; and highly-efficient real-time HEVC 1080p encode using Intel Xeon E3 platforms by leveraging our hardware-accelerated HEVC solution. Connect business meetings and people together more quickly via video conferencing with specially tuned low-delay HEVC mode.

 Product Brief - Intel Media Server Studio

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Additional Intel Media Tools

Intel Video Pro Analyzer and Intel Stress Bitstreams and Encoder provide advanced and expert-level debugging and validation tools for decoders and encoders and help your latest media solutions and processing development meet customer expectations.

Intel® Video Pro Analyzer

Improve video quality with advanced video analysis software tools for HEVC, VP9, AVC and MPEG-2 video coding standards. Provides deep inspection of the entire decoding process, statistics extraction, test and debug media encoders; analyze streams, and more.

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Intel® Stress Bitstreams and Encoder

Ensure robustness of HEVC and VP9 decoders. Validate and debug enterprise-grade media products; ensure performance with memory bandwidth stress streams. Create custom bitstreams for testing. Accelerate test validation cycles and speed time to market.

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1Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index
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