Display the assembly code of the program.

The window displays the current Assembler instruction, that is, the next instruction to be executed.


View > Assembler




Additionally, the Assembler code can be displayed with C/C++ source lines. To toggle between these two modes, refer to the pop-up menu of the Assembler window.



Displays the memory address of the source code.


Displays opcodes. You can edit opcodes by double-clicking them


Displays assembly code. You can edit assembly code by double-clicking it.

Pop-up Menu

Show Current Location

Updates all windows to the current program location.

Go Here

Executes the program until the address denoted by the line pointer is reached. The line that has been clicked is not executed.

Set Current Location

The program counter is set to the line marked by the line pointer. Execution continues by processing this line. With this feature, you can jump over sections of code, leaving them unprocessed, or repeat executing sections of code. This feature can produce unpredictable results. Use it with caution.

Find Source Code

Jumps to the corresponding source line in the Source window.

Show Memory

Opens the Memory window that shows you the current memory contents.

Change Address

Opens the Set Assembler Startaddress dialog box. With this dialog box, you can set an assembler start address from where the assembly code is shown. Selecting the Browse button opens the Symbol Selector to select an appropriate start address.


Reloads the memory contents of the target and refreshes the Assembler window.

Source Annotations

Displays the corresponding source lines in the Assembler window.

Change Style

Displays the content of the Assembler window in Intel or ATT style.

Create Breakpoint

The debugger evaluates your breakpoint request. If realizable, it sets one or more code breakpoints at the specified line.

Delete Breakpoint

The debugger deletes your breakpoint request and all its related breakpoints.

Enable Breakpoint / Disable Breakpoint

Activates an inactive breakpoint at the specified line, or suspends an active one.


Copies the selected line to the clipboard.

Copy All

Copies all instruction lines of the Assembler window to the clipboard.

Select All

Selects all lines.

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