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Intel® VTune™ Amplifier 2016

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Whether you are tuning for the first time or doing advanced performance optimization, Intel® VTune Amplifier provides a rich set of performance insight into CPU & GPU performance, threading performance & scalability, bandwidth, caching and much more. Analysis is faster and easier because VTune Amplifier understands common threading models and presents information at a higher level that is easier to interpret. Use its powerful analysis to sort, filter and visualize results on the timeline and on your source.

Quickly turn raw profiling data into performance insights using the graphical interface to sort, filter and visualize data from a local or remote target. Or use the command line i/f to automate analysis.

What’s New

Easier, More Effective OpenMP* and MPI Multi-Rank Tuning

Fast Answers: Is My OpenMP* Scalable? How Much Faster Could It Be?

Fast Answers: What Will Improve OpenMP* Performance?

Detailed data for each OpenMP region highlights tuning opportunities. The region shown has the potential to run 34% faster if it is rebalanced.

Easier Multi-Rank Analysis of MPI + OpenMP*

VTune Amplifier’s summary view is enriched with a table of the top MPI ranks that will benefit from improved OpenMP* performance.

For hybrid MPI and OpenMP* applications, it is important to explore OpenMP* inefficiency along with MPI communication between ranks. The lower the communication spin time the more the rank was executing (vs. spinning) and the more impact OpenMP* tuning will have on the application elapsed time.

More “What’s New” With Every Update

See details for major features or visit “What’s New?” for a more complete list of the newest 2016 features. Check back occasionally as we constantly add new features in product updates.

Confidential Support and One Year of Updates Included

Every paid version includes confidential support and one year of updates. Support renewals are available at a reduced rate to extend both the confidential support and product update period.

Specs at a Glance

Processors Intel® and compatible processors and coprocessors
Languages C, C++, C#, Fortran, Java*, ASM and more.
Compilers Works with compilers from Microsoft, GCC, Intel and others that follow standards.
Development Environments Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio* or Eclipse* or runs stand alone.
Host Operating Systems Windows*, Linux* and OS X* (optional download1)
Target Operating Systems Windows*, Linux*, Android*, Tizen*, Wind River Linux* and Yocto Project*
Threading Models:
Full threading information
OpenMP*, Intel® Threading Building Blocks, Intel® Cilk Plus
Extended Threading Performance Analysis OpenMP*
MPI parallelism Integration with Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector MPI profiler
GPU OpenCL and media application tuning on newer Intel processors.
VTune™ Amplifier XE Performance profiling of Windows*, Linux* applications1. Sold alone or as part of an Intel Parallel Studio XE suite.
VTune™ Amplifier for Systems Profiling embedded targets. Includes energy profiling for battery operated systems. Sold only as part of an Intel System Studio suite.

For complete information, see the documentation and release notes.

1An optional OS X host interface can be downloaded separately to analyze data collected on other targets. An OS X collector to profile on OS X is not currently available.

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