Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT)

FFTs for Multiple Needs

FFT functions in one, two, or three dimensions with support for mixed radices (not limited to sizes that are powers of 2). Distributed versions of these FFT functions are used on clusters. Supported functions include:

  • One-dimensional versions in single and double precision
  • Multidimensional, complex-to-complex, real-to-complex, and real-to-real transforms of arbitrary length
  • FFTW interfaces for compatibility with industry-standard APIs

Fourier Transform Functions for Clusters

When single-node performance is insufficient, get support for distributed computation across a cluster of compute nodes.

benchmark for a fast Fourier transform performance boost


FFT Performance Boost Benchmarks

Make informed decisions regarding which functions to use in your applications, comparing the performance of Intel® Math Kernel Library to FFTW.

See Performance Benchmarks

Additional Features

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