Create a Ubuntu 11.04 LiveUSB to use Intel® Parallel Studio XE

You need a license for Intel® Parallel Studio XE for Linux and and at least a 4GB USB Key.

Get an ISO image of Ubuntu 11.04.

Create a new Ubuntu 11.04 LiveUSB, with persistence mode enabled (you can specify a size of 1mo for the persistence file, you will overwrite it with a ~3Go file in the next step).

To do that from Windows, you can use LiLi :

but any other tool like Unetbootin or USB Universal Installer is fine.

Download and unzip casper-rw to the root of your freshly built Ubuntu LiveUSB :

It is a persistence file that contains an installation of Parallel Studio XE 2011 SP1 Update1.

Create a new folder at the root of your key, named "intel-licenses", and put your .lic file inside it.

Now you are ready to boot on this LiveUSB and directly use Intel® tools to accelerate your code ;)
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