I would like to know if the compileScale2 Test is only based on the scenario10 ? Is it the file in this page:  ?

Because when I test it on my computer with only 2 threads it takes less than 1sec but on the benchemark it takes more than 200sec.

Thank you

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Most probably it isn't. Cedric said in another topic that compile scale 3 isn't scenario11, and they only have similar size. I think the same is applied to all benchmark tests.


I can confirm that no, it doesn't. Cedric said that the scenario would be similar but it is not the same. And, as you can see, the test is much more big. I had something like 500 when I tested it before the 200 seconds timeout. And it was something about seconds on our computer. So yes, the file are definitely not the same. ;)


Timothé Viot,
Engineer student, Insa Rennes 1

CompileScale2 is not the scenario 10 :)

You just don't have it.

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